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About Air Conditioning

The climate and weather conditions around New Zealand vary considerably throughout the regions and throughout the seasons. That’s why having an air conditioner is probably top of the list when you’re considering your every day living comfort at home or in the office.

Your decision to want an air conditioner will be based on many factors. The energy efficiency of your premises will include such things as insulation, direction facing of windows as well as the colours and types of materials used for the exterior of your home. Darker colours absorb more heat and lighter colours help reflect, and therefore remain cooler.

One of the most important things to look for with an air conditioner is its energy star rating. Once you have confirmed the size of the area you need to cover, you can then choose the most efficient model for the task.

There are three kinds of Energy Rating labels for air conditioners, and these use a star grading system to give you an indication of how energy efficient they are. The more stars, the more efficient they are. There is a cooling-only, reverse cycle and heating-only. 

Commonly air conditioning options include window-wall, split systems and ducted air conditioning. The use of inverters in the air conditioning units is now much more common.  Although they may initially cost more, they tend to be very efficient at part load operation. This is often the usage in a typical household where you live in a hot climate and have the unit running for a long period.

Sizing an air conditioner correctly is one of the most important steps of selecting your unit.  The output capacity is a measure of the amount of heat that will be removed (cooling) or added (heating) to the space.  The range you need will be dependent on your requirements. Output ranges are measured in kilowatts (kW), and as a rough guide it is recommended to have 125 watts (0.125kW) per square metre for your main living areas, and around 80 watts (0.080kW) for bedroom areas. As always, use these as guidelines only as your individual situation will determine the best solution to suit your needs.

Speak to your local air conditioning professional for their recommendations and expert advice.

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